Friday, 15 December 2017

KNG Episode 1

KNG Episode 1 does not move, can not move

my body cant move, nothing moves, my eyes won't open the hells up with this I'm feeling anxious.
is there anyone around? I feel a presence moving but my eyes won't open it like my body has been bound.

 I ain't even breathing ya know this is bad ain't this death?
fufu ha fufu ha hu!

shit doesn't feel like I was breathing this is bad like seriously bad.

10 minutes later.

my body won't move, cant breath but my consciousness is clear, what could it be this current state of mine, cant see with my eyes, and cant even move my body this be a very frightening situation I'm in.
let's think back a bit,  in the mourning I went to the station platform to commute to work when I noticed a pale older woman on my right side, she continued forwards towards the incoming train when trying to stop her I felt an intense shock and before I knew it was in this state.
well if I figure I'm dead fits perfectly

Body won't move, breathing cant be done, cant understand my current situation at all but I find it very severe

oh well thanks for doing stocks all the time, not like it moved well anyway

well not like it matters but now that I'm dead what to do thinking about it I cant move, maybe an angel or the grim reaper will come to escort me to the other side.

 this just can't be it can it

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Thursday, 14 December 2017

KNG Prologue. Life is heavier than gold

Prologue. Life is heavier than gold 

unlucky. Recently I have nothing to do anything.

In the aftermath of the collapse of the Chinese bubble, the assets of my stock investment have also blown away by 60%.
Well, it should be thought that only minus is not good.
There are times when you can make money, sometimes you will lose.

For me now only RPG is support of the mind. As RPG takes time, the level rises and money is also accumulated. Even made it to LV 99!

Even so, I was surprised at the sharp rise in the yen's value last night.
When I was doing FX, I was drawing a chart that I thought might have committed suicide.
I'm not doing FX, so it's a different person.

Well, let's go to the company to earn a lot of news. Since there may be some people jumping on the train, let's leave the house a little earlier.

One man and women were hit by an ordinary train to Ogura on the railway line at the JR Okayama station in Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, around 7 am today, died.

According to the Okayama Central Police Station, the women was in her mid-40s, the man was dressed in a suit appeared to be in early 20’s. Surrounding customers witnessed the women entering the railroad tracks, and the police are investigating their identities and detailed situations as the possibility of suicide is high. The man is seen to have been hit trying to stop the woman.

[TLN some of this was really hard to word right and damn economics talk is hard in any language]


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